"A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path."


- The Last Séance, author Agatha Christie

People & Ideas

Sonnets of a Contemporary Woman: On Katherine Betham's "The Order of Controversy"

Women in the 21st century are free to embrace their own individuality.

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A Storyteller, a Poet: Terry J Powell and his works

Poetry is an understated work of art, an expression of love and passion and realities in one.


The Challenge of Confronting Those Bearing a Corrupted Heart

All the hate you bear within can be turned and used against you.


Betsyboo's Book: Ultimate Guide When You Currently Search The True Meaning of Life

Toxicity in an environment can really be a challenge, especially if you are trying to develop well-established mental health.


Truth or Myth?

A book that simplifies
preconceived terms of physics for the layman.

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Like Box of Chocolates, Never You'll Know What You Can Get: Glimpse on Terry J. Powell Books

Terry Powell's books show a balance series from innocence, horror, epics, fascinations to sensuality.


My Island Home, A Journey back to the 1960s

Her book "My Island Home" is an illustrated work created by herself. It contains her own experiences as a child and how it is so much different from today's children.


Life is short; cherish it and travel the world

They say that people must travel while they are young and full of energy to do so, but Mike Fox defies that standard in this book


Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino and the

The woman who Brought his Name and Worked Back to Life

April 6, 2020 is the mark of Raffaello's 500th celebration of his works ever since he died at the age of 37.

More Stories


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Life in the Eyes of the Innocent: Going back to 1970s to Live the Modern Life of Chaos

Poems are artistic creations of the mind that use words and rhymes to redefine how the poet feels about something.


Beat by Calum Cumming: The Best Book to Beat Your Quarantine Boredom

The kind of book that will bring us to light and hope amid the chaos.


The Art of Music: How it changed us for the better?

If writing needs words, then music needs sounds.

Mental Health



 As humans, we all gradually make mistakes that cause us pain.


What if young Adolf took the U-turn?

Considered wishful thinking to plan of going back in the past to make up for your mistakes.


Looking Through the Pains, Struggles, and Adversities of a Dictator

Adolf Hitler is the world's most feared man. He is the man behind WWII


The Power of Vision

Vision is a powerful tool that can be used to bring perennial change for the generation, and all you've got to do is learn from great visionaries and find books tackling visions.


Unveiling Truth of Xu Xue Chun: Mankind Exposed to a Great Risk

Mr. Xu unveiled that they created and spread the virus worldwide.


Alice Nash’s Way: How to Stay Demure in a Dramatic Turn of Events?

Empowers the character with great attributes any woman can have


Braving Out the Identity of Yesterday

Facing adversity in life, at different intensity or levels it may come, happens typically to everyone.


Coming to Terms of Maturity with Josie Townsend

Adulting can be shocking.

Raised in a Catholic home where her first book is based upon, she thought life would be full of contentment and enduring love.


When Humans and Animals are One: A Practical Look at Carl Anderson's Book on The Beast in the Theatre of Marina Carr

Humans and animals share a bond that Carl Anderson features in his book The Beast in Marina Carr's Theatre.

Remarkable and unforgettable reading experience from the incredible writers around the globe.



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