Image by Alexander Andrews

Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar
Author of A Bunch of Flowers, 
Bliss in Dream, Bliss in Island 
Life; Retired Indian Officer

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By Bhupesh Karmakar

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I sat in my decorated room on a winter moonlit night.


My room had large windows, which were covered with curtains.


Through the gap of curtains, I could see the slanted moonbeams. 


But the beam was like silver blade slicing through my window.


I opened the window curtain, but couldn’t see anyone outside. 


My village roads looked completely different in silvery moonlight.


I couldn't hear even a tiniest sound anywhere around the road.


While sitting inside my room, I was recollecting my school life.


Sometime later, I could feel heavy winds were blowing in village.


In the cold weather, I was feeling chills from the fiery winds.


Suddenly, I could see as if something was moving around the window.


It was like tall and very black animal approaching very slowly.


I was frozen in fright, I tried to open my mouth to scream.


My voice rolled around the walls of room like burst of thunder.


I was hearing a terrible sound coming from outside the road.


My heart was beating in that unexpected critical circumstance.


I sat straight on my easy chair and grasped the handle tightly.


A tremendous throbbing noise came from outside the house.


I got up from my easy chair and collected a blanket and slept.


The sun was up in the morning and it was shining in the village.


After I woke up from bed, I was squinting through the window.


Where I could see that it was nothing but shade of a big tree