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by Dr. Alexander Barrie

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If you are taken blindfolded into two different kinds of building facilities, you will almost automatically pick-up the atmosphere and the ethos belonging to each.  If say, the first building you are taken into happens to be a Prison of sorts, and the second building you are taken into happens to be a grand Cathedral, you will have perceived the difference. This is the ‘Chi’ of, and is coming from, the inside of the building, and probably from the outside of the building also. Chi has many facets from the most coarse to the most refined.


                The Chi exuded by the prison interior is centripetal and constricting, and also conveys a sense of melancholy, and the Chi exuded by the interior of the cathedral is centrifugal and aspiring, and also gives a sense of splendour.  Such are the extreme ends of this/our extraordinary energy of life, or Chi.


                A written passage in one of The Chinese Medical Books, mentions an astute physician of old, advising a patient to consume a tincture made from: A Hangman’s Noose !  The writer revealing this ancient story to the public, sadly, considered this medicinal proposal preposterous.  I was a little surprised that someone as illustrious and as open minded as this author, should think in this way and offer that judgement. 


                Homeopathic preparation would be a way of taking the essence of the Noose, its dark history and the Chi that it had acquired. In this way, its especial Chi is captured into the tincture form, which eventually becomes the homeopathic remedy that may be used to counteract the Condition of the patient in question.  Its affect should treat the disorder of that patient successfully.  Not to mention that the pathological ailment, which the patient presented, would have been peculiar anyway to say the least!


                This curious concept, fundamentally being Homeopathic, was later developed in Europe by the German: Samuel Hahnemann 1796, who formulated the extraordinary corpus of knowledge of Homeopathy by trial and error.  We hear the expression: Like Cures Like, but most of us do not know what that really means - even the experts cannot explain the meaning behind the idea satisfactorily. Hence, this engenders some derision towards Homeopathic Medicine by the orthodox medical community.


                It is simple to understand when we take two single magnets. You will remember in basic school science when you placed end to end the negative aspect of one to the positive aspect of the other, you could not pull them apart (as man and woman!).  Place the positive end of one magnet to the positive end of the other magnet and they repel each other ferociously.  So too with the negative ends. This is what happens Homoeopathically.  Introduce a subtle Homeopathic substance into the body that will produce the same pathological symptoms as the disease the patient suffers, and that same disease already within the patient becomes misplaced or ejected when this same subtle substance, but etherealised, is introduced into the body of the patient - because as with the magnets, they are of the same essence and therefore repel each other.


                The patient treated by this ancient Chinese physician mentioned above suffered probably a kind of, what we call nowadays:  A Death Wish.   Or, thought perhaps he should commit a violent act, or, his difficult attempt to deal with his powerful interior demons.  The idea of the hangman’s noose ‘in essence’ probably worked well to dispel this strange disease or what some doctors might call: An Obsession.  The thing here is that we are deploying a very fine essence or Chi that is rarefied and yet has power, ostensibly, even though you would not want to imbibe that essence if you did not suffer this strange ailment presented in the first place, because you would within minutes of taking this remedy, become very depressed and confused and goodness knows what else when reacting from this strange but potent nostrum.


                In my own case, following more than 35 years of medical experience, I am at that very stage where medical protocols may be changed according to the inspiration of the moment. 

               There is a particular instant in time when a physician receives insight over and above the usual need for set procedures given to deal with a particular medical Condition.   


                To envision in a flash moment, in an instant of quiet ‘seeing’ exactly how that patient should be treated for his or her ailment is an awesome attribute indeed. 


Truly, it is a gift that comes from ‘above’ and is never mistaken!


                Maturity for a physician happens when, as a patient enters the surgery, their ‘Chi’, their state of being, their personal atmosphere that surrounds their bodies that originate from within, tells the physician exactly how that patient should be treated physiologically and psychologically. More therapeutic success is achieved when receptive in this way.


                The ability to perceive The Bigger Picture places us into a position contrary to the general way of the thinking and of the actions of the majority of us - the majority of us with our thinking and our actions that tends always to be mundane and pedestrian, and that is alright of course for the day to day function of our society and for the life we live as ordinary individuals. The wider perception [The Bigger Picture] is Chi of a higher, more ethereal quality of power that perceives more of the whole panorama and not just a portion of it.


                Perceiving by The Panoramic Vista for example, sees the so called Pandemic of 2020 as being useful and strengthening to humanity, as a opposed to the general fearful attitude of the many as seeing it as a plague that will wipe-out humanity (humanity as it is with its lack of real vision and its capacity for barbarism, but, even so, with moments of brilliance in all spheres of life, not to mention its amazing sense of humour).


                No, many lessons are learned from such interesting events.  Those who contract this disease, and survive, gain strength physiologically. This is due to the viral challenge to their body-systems.  These people also re-consider their lifestyles and to where they went wrong resulting in the weakening of their interior strength in the first place.  Altogether, such events are life-changing or should be life-changing for the better.


                Early vaccination given to our children - children who cannot have a say as to whether they should be or should not be vaccinated, will suffer early or later in life various diseases as their immune systems are compromised by the toxic chemicals introduced directly into their blood-streams. In this way, disallowing their own integral immune systems to develop naturally by being challenged as infants. Childhood illnesses  exist rightly to strengthen our bodies absolutely from the beginning of our lives - they/we are denied these natural childhood illnesses to do their work.  We have become far too sentimental in modern times - sentimentality that makes us fearful and also, so feeble.


                In the last 150 years we have adopted the strange attitude of interference, having the temerity to think by intervening in certain things, that we make them better and more enduring and easier to manage.  Whilst this may be useful and indeed endows us with extra time on our hands for re-creation, because we have through our ingenuity invented machines that take the drudgery out of living, for many other things as with early childhood vaccination for instance, we think we can save lives or make life better for the many by controlling disease, thus prolonging life we think!  Of course it does not occur to most of us, that this kind of interference may actually damage and injure life - as it does.  There are illnesses now that were completely unknown years ago.  For instance, Cancers increase in modern-day times - what are we doing? where are we going?


                At the time of writing this, the governments of Europe, United Kingdom and the USA, and other governments of the countries of the world, in my view are following a disastrous course, dictated mostly by their own stupidity. Even more, by the stupidity of group of the science advisors, but also perhaps by a universal agenda set by a clique of powerful eugenicists who think that having an opportunity to ‘reset’ the behaviour of mankind, will improve the integrity of the people and therefore save them. The means to do this, by advanced electronic technological and chemical means.  That is fine and dandy, but only if it is concomitant with ethics, morals and spiritual growth.


                 If it is not, then humanity will destroy itself by vanishing up and through its own fundament!  High-Technological control, and control is the operative word in re-setting the behaviour of mankind and that is all very well, but the dangerous electrical fields engendered by the electronic means of creating these strictures on mankind must inevitably lay curses on it [mankind] as it struggles with failing health en mass!  In addition, human freedom itself will be curtailed as it is observed electronically by those in charge.  ‘It does nor bear thinking about’.  The devastating affect, that is, the detrimental oppression of our own healthy body electrical field by being interfered-with from all the unhealthy radio, radar, and microwaves and more, are the reasons for the diatribe above.


In the message above, we see the potential effects of ‘Sha’ which is the terminology used for the Chi of danger and harm - as the Chinese say: May You Live In Interesting Times !  Vaccination as propagated by the present status quo is poisoning us and will poison us as long as this crippling world ethos, this world way of thinking is allowed to obtain.  It is necessary to keep in mind also the mal-effects of electronic fields inevitably interfering detrimentally with our own existing and normal healthy electrical fields our bodies already generate.


© Alexander Barrie. June 2021. www.alexaligntherapies.com