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 Rhonda Williams

Author of Poetry and Other Inspired Ideas: My transformational journey to healing 

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by Rhonda Williams  

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Overcoming unfavorable circumstances for me at the beginning of the pandemic pause was the mandatory isolation and being totally controlled by outside forces using fear of the unknown on every level.

As I was being navigated daily by the media’s misinformation and then commiserating with family and friends; I learned to cope with prayer, mediation and staying connected via Zoom and other devices in order to share our existence through the darkness.


My so called bouncing back from major adversities is an ongoing matter of realizing the present circumstances and allow myself to accept my new normal in all areas of my life.


I went through isolation, fear, depression, uncertainty and total trauma to my body, mind and spirit. However, through Zoom I became alive inside and so grateful to be able to feel like I still had a place in this world. With Zoom and conference calls I finally felt like I was able to have company over and I was not alone.


What I learned about the world is that we all experienced the same things but under different circumstances and locations.

We were all diminished to “Brady Bunch” squares on a computer or on other electronic devices. For me more of a blessing than a curse.


I retired earlier than expected in April of 2020 due to the pandemic from over 40 years of service in the telecommunications industry as an answering service operator.

The “pause for the cause” was a great Segway to the rest of my life. I am now free to create and explore as an author and spiritual agent. I am so grateful for this opportunity to flourish and serve humanity on a global level.