Fiona Carpenters

Author of Life of a Bondi

Girl, Cancer Survivor, Swimmer

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Life of a Bondi Girl 

by Fiona Carpenters

I am really glad my name is Fiona, it describes me perfectly. It is primarily a Christian female named English or Scottish origin (they just cannot agree with that), which means Fair or White. I have Golden blonde (Fair) hair, and during the aging process, I will most probably turn White having a Swiss/German/Kiwi/Irish/American background nowhere near the UK. It’s amazing, right! I was born in 1966 (where over here in Australia) lot’s happened being such a Young Country finding its Feet. It is also the Year of The Horse, which during my Life of a Bondi Girl and now 54, I have really identified traits in my personality and nature (along with genes and DNA more present than previously. I quietly, personally work or worked through excruciating dilemmas, Successfully, like in horse performing Dressage. I am a racehorse reflecting on past scenarios, and I seemed in a hurry also a family trait on Dads’ side mainly. Thankfully I have become more patient, stronger, wiser over the years. My sons are living their lives to the full, and I’m enjoying life so much, knowing how quickly it may be taken away after experiencing Brain Tumour and Cancer.


Ellen says (after her Show) Go Out and Spread the Word about Love, and I’m trying to do my part in Sydney, Australia.