Horse in Stable

Jill Cawsey
Author of Beeble's Story,

Teacher, Horse Lover

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Beeble’s Story

Jill Cawsey

Growing up with many animals and especially horses, has been an honour and a privilege with many stories and adventures. The bonus on top of all that has been sharing my life with two horses that are by birth Twins …. and this was the start of yet another amazing journey.

I had no intention of writing a book but had always been a good letter writer. I sent regular letters to Lois, who had bred these twins. (All in the form of faxes, thus had a copy of every letter I sent and of-cause received). After a few years, I read through this paperwork and decided to put it all down in a book. It was about ¾ finished when I put it onto the back burner whilst moving back to Tasmania.

I was also very busy following other leads – looking deeper into different animal therapies and alternate modalities and learning more about the psychic/spiritual world. Attending out of curiosity my first psychic expo, I sat for a reading to hear the psychic‘s very first words to me, “you’re writing a book.”                              


Not a question, but a statement.

“Well yes, no, I suppose so, but it’s been put on the back burner,” was my reply.

“Well, you had better get it finished, you’ll be getting a call from a publisher.” Later that very same day, I had to pick myself up off the floor when I answered a phone call – from a blooming publisher! Guess what? I finished the book!

By now, I was well into the world of animal reiki, animal communication, the spiritual realm, psychic/medium expos …. a fascinating journey in itself. I realized that all along, my observations of the Twins, their thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitude behaviours, was inspiring, were meant to be. There’s no such thing as coincidences. They wanted me to write this book! Well, actually, for Beeble to write this book, I was just his editor…!