Forest Road

Evangelist John Dye 

Author of  Your Personal Destiny: 

A Complete Guide,  Motivational Speaker,

Spiritual Counselor, Athlete, Model and Actor

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Your Personal Destiny: A Complete Guide  

by Evangelist John Dye 

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Evangelist John Dye is a multi-talented Author, Model, Actor, Singer, Motivational Speaker, and Spiritual Counselor that is constantly in touch with the needs of the people and God’s will. His message is timely and needed during this pandemic. Also, a Chef that has been cooking for many years and has decided to share his good-tasting recipes and wisdom with the world.

He’s an Expert Consultant on many issues; he loves doing TV & Radio Interviews to improve people's lives. His love of feeding people “Physically and Spiritually” with his Cook book, Spiritual book, Wisdom, Truth, and Love of God is a great benefit to our Society and World.

My whole life has been dedicated to feeding, clothing, cleaning, helping, motivating, and inspiring people to live better and to understand & praise God for their own good because, without God, you can do nothing good.

Get my 2 books, surely they can help people. More at