A Beautifully Narrated Saga of Love by Carl Anderson

"Carl Anderson wants to convey through this book is the fact that everybody in this world is
connected to each other in some way or the other, whether they like it or not."


Carl Anderson’s “A Mother-Father Complex” Brings to Focus the Many Dimensions of Love and Initiation

"It takes utter honesty and truth to lay bare the intricate dynamics that play out in a family, between parents and children, and their consequences."


“Trials and Tribulations of a Traveling Prostitute” Shares Life Saving Lessons with Traveling Multinational Employees

"The outcome was a greater knowledge of the product, apart from the bonus of having one’s perspectives widened upon seeing the vast world. The book also serves as an eye-opener for other company executives traveling abroad."


Dear Chums! I Am in Kazakhstan!’ is an Entertaining Biography Authored by Tracy S. Smith

The book includes her experience of the culture from a biographical viewpoint of her life as an "ex-pat wife" in the ex-Soviet country.


My Embodiment as a Broken Record’ by Thomas-Ian Nadeau
Talks about Consent & Morality in the Broader Spectrum

"The story and autobiography of the debut author will entice the readers into embarking on their journey towards understanding the concept of consent & morality. It will push the readers to think outside the comfort zone by raising questions that are often pushed past."