• Antony Mendoza

Dean Matthews Releases Book Two of the Foundation Stone Series

The Shadow and the Shards: Book two of the Foundation Stone Series has been released worldwide. Written by Dean Matthews, three formats are now available on Amazon. The Dark Taal – the first book of the Foundation Stone series received rave reviews and was loved by fans.

Picking up from Book one, the story starts when the entire school is in chaos and tension is in the air. It is revealed that head wizard Almagest's death may not have been an accident. The creature has vanished, but everything is still not back to normal. After clues to the whereabouts of the feared Firebrand shards are discovered, Kuelack, along with the disinherited Dragonlord Ramus, sets out to find the shards. Meanwhile, Kuelack’s sadistic and power-hungry wife, Gradine, sets out to kill and imprison th