Saving Humanity Through Writing: The Xu Xue Chun Journey

Many of us have been dreaming of solving various problems that are continuously growing over time. We always acknowledge ourselves into different platforms that arouse justices and equality—even in social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter, we can’t help but voice our concerns about our government’s improper management. However, no matter how much we express our dashing hopes toward the institutions, we remain powerless. But in Xu Xue Chun’s experienced, as he strived to fight evilness and injustices through his books, he also encountered challenges, but those challenges only proved his words’ massive effect in his written works.

When he started translating his articles in 2015, he used Chinese trading websites to find translators. When the translator reads the article, he declined to translate it even though Xu paid him $50 already. On top of that, the translator reported him to the police authority. Fortunately, he was not arrested for it because it was not illegal at all. In addition to that, his account is being reported due to countless complaints, so he had to create a new one. Indeed, if you are doing something right, it makes everyone angry. Because of these events that happened to Xu, it only conveys his works’ effectivity.

However, his works are not always about his frustrations toward the system. Even his favorite quote came from a death row prisoner in China, named Yang Jia. According to Yang Jia, “If you don’t give me an explanation, I will give you an explanation.” Meanwhile, Xu Xue Chun criticized Yang Jia in his book titled, Century Sentence. Because Xu believes that revenge against society is always incorrect, rebel acts toward the institution are not always righteous, but criticizing it constructively will benefit everyone.

According to Xu Xue Chun, “I had very advanced ideas about the country and human society, and my idea was correct. So, I should help mankind think about all problems and solve all problems. Since then, I have been watching the news every day, discovering problems, thinking about problems, and writing articles for publication on the Internet, trying to help China and the world solve problems.” 

One best lesson we can learn from Xu Xue Chun is to remain courageous and brave every time we fight for the truth. We must understand that not everyone around us will support us. Along the way of reaching for humanity’s equality, there will be enemies and a set of challenges. Nevertheless, we must ground ourselves to braveness and strength.