• Cassandra Wilheim

The Coloured Sands Trilogy takes us on a trip back to the 1900s

Updated: May 18

Inspired by the vast expanse of rural Australia and everyone and everything that lies therein, Barbara Hartmann King takes us on a trip back to the 1900s – where everything was undoubtedly simpler yet harsher. In a time where modernity was a rarity, various social maladies existed with greater prevalence. Barbara sets us on a journey that we will never forget; through her crafty combination of vivid descriptions of the Australian Bush, its inhabitants, and the way the characters interact with each other makes us feel as we were in the story itself; the spirit of the times is not lost on us.

Such experiences are given life through Barbara's Coloured Sands trilogy – three interconnected yet distinct tales that combine historical reality with a fantasy involving feelings of hatred and love that makes for an exhilarating expedition through time and space.

The first novel, Coloured Sands, tells us the story of Emily, a young girl who is the sole survivor of a tribal dispute and is shunned by society. She pushes forward in her struggle for redemption in a journey marked with suffering and contempt and the burden of overcoming the tragedy of her son hiding a decades-long secret she could not simply overcome.

In Valley of the Eagle, Barbara provides us with the avenue to explore the Australian countryside in all its mystery and glory. Moreover, it unfolds a story of love and retribution in a story intertwined with the region's indigenous inhabitants. Here, the past haunts the present with its specter, decisively playing a role in pushing the story forward, and leaves us asking where the story will end with each page of the book.

The Children of the Coloured Sands is the final book in the chain of events sparked by the first and second novels and explores how and to what end the joining of the fates of the two worlds awaits our beloved characters. Here, the tragic secret that Emily's son takes center stage becomes a vital piece in tailoring the bigger picture of the trilogy altogether.

Barbara accomplishes an exceptional feat as we now live in extraordinary times – increasing political and civil unrest, economic decline, rising racism, and a pandemic that seems to have no end. We are taken elsewhere, to a place where we otherwise could not, to stories wherein similar fears and uncertainties hound the characters. The Coloured Sands trilogy offers us to view things in a different light: to see the silver lining in something, to continue to hope, and to allow love and the will to overcome adversity to conquer it all.

Remarkable and unforgettable reading experience from the incredible writers around the globe.



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