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Trapped I am

by Byron George

Trapped in a country full of hatred and division.

Where the people just don’t see through

This government of lies and deception.

The damned virus gives them an excuse,

To lie and trap me here, in England only,

When other countries are freer than us.

I’m vaccinated to the full but still trapped,

Cannot travel, am in limbo,

My heart is across the Atlantic,

The ocean out to the west of this isle of ills,

With so many still accepting of insularity

Where little England’s inequality,

Bode's separation.

From our friends,

To the south in Europe,

To the north in Scotland

And to the west in Ireland

We are now a pariah state

Full of hate.

Governed by crooks and villains,

We are trapped alone in the world.

Our system dictating that we are a Union,

That only their party wants.

When we had our friends in Europe,

There was a hedge for the others,

But now that is gone we are all just smothered,

In a dictatorship that overrides,

Creates false enemies of us that woke

Up to their cruelty.

How long will I be trapped more?

I want to be free,

Change my nationality,

To be proud again

Not surrounded by those bigots

Who claim to be patriots,

Set me free to leave,

Set me on the way out,

How long will they hold me,

For I want to be,

in the land of the free.

They saw sense and removed that toxic,

The figure of hate,

The rubric at the start who spread,

The disease of nationalist rhetoric.

I never thought I’d be an asylum seeker,

Nor a cast-out refugee.

I’m trapped, my love set me free.


Indomitable Indubitable

by Byron George

Indomitable, I am with my feelings,

Indubitably I want them to continue,

I am the man, I am the soul,

My prayers sense those touches,

I get for you daily,

That vibe

Those sensations make me whole,

I am one with your body.

Only you make me thrive.

Indomitable spirit please,

keep me strong,

I sense your pain,

I sense your love,

Through your vocality,

Your tone.

Your happiness I live for,

Our liberality


I worship your image.

We are so, resilient.

Our spirit guides,

Brought us together,

Our love through the ether,

So buoyant,

From centuries past

We’ve intertwined.

From the ancients

We’re Souls reunited




Our very essénce

Will bring us child,

In whatever form,

What is real?

No matter how

Indubitably, indomitable

We feel.



by Byron George

Who makes those rules?


They are all around us

They turn us in,

They stop our freedom

Depends where or what

They control

All my life there is someone

Wear a tie

Wear a suit

Polish shoes

No rhyme or reasons

Just do as you’re told

Look like the others

Hi-Viz up,

Uniform hate

why me?

Be smart

Be boring

Fight them all

Get fired

Get sent home

Do as you’re told

No jeans on Sundays

Tuxedo junction

Morning suit

Look like the rest

Now its mask up

Only six to meet

Can’t travel

Get a letter, do business

Government control



Shit, I hate

Busybodies, busybodies,

Control freaks all.

I’m vaxxed up I’m ok

Now its my risk

Not yours

Fuck you, busybodies,

Leave me alone

Don’t interfere,

Let me wear

my own gear

let me go where

I can breathe!

Don’t busybody me,

Always, always, it sucks,

Kow Tow to them

But not in thrall

Officials of the governments all

They’re just about control,

Busybodies, busybodies,

Sign this form,

Do that shit,

Say yes, but carry on,

Ignore and get on,




The Man, the Woman

Who wants to control,

They know fuck all.